Jesus, Pure & Simple – Wayne Cordeiro

Jesus – Pure and Simple by Wayne Cordeiro is a book that you will not want to read through and let it collect dust on a bookshelf. Its context will challenge you to look to the core of who you are in Christ even after you are done reading the book.  This is the second book I have read of Wayne’s and I must say this book takes center stage.  As I read through the chapters, I often walked away with conviction of mind and heart to return my own life to a pure and simple devotion to Christ.  Life today has every distraction that will compete for our attention and attempt to pull us away from Jesus. This book will give you the Biblical basics of the whys and how tos  to live a life uncomplicated by the world and even religion itself.

Each chapter is well organized and presents it context in such a way that it will capture you from page one.  I thought that the group study questions at the end of each chapter provide a great tool for group discussion.   I believe that this gem of a book deserves a place in every home.  If you just read it and put it down it will do you no good. This book and its message must be injected into the heart of the Christian so that it can go deep. It must be pondered and reflected upon in order for it to really sink in.  I highly recommend this book to every believer.  It has the potential along with the power of the Holy Spirit to change your life.    It’s time to get back to Jesus!

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers for this review. (see disclaimer page for more information)


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