Authentic – James MacDonald

457173_w185Authentic by James MacDonald is a book about developing the disciplines of a sincere faith.  For the purpose of this review I will be dividing it into three areas – presentation, content and application.  It is my opinion that many book reviews just retell the book in extreme short form without really reviewing the book.  The format I have chosen to use will provide the structure for a straight forward review.

Presentation:  Authentic was received as a paperback book. Its cover, while somewhat plain, will add meaning once the book is read.  Moody Publishers used a durable covering with easy to read text on a bright white paper.  Bright pages can present a challenge if you are reading in the sun due to glare.  The book was divided into seven chapters which tended to be long.  For me, I prefer shorter chapters which enable a person to read for shorter periods of time.  Biblical texts are bolded to make the Scriptures pop.  I appreciated this feature as it was easy to look back to reread them if needed.

Content: Authentic was a great read that covered the basic disciplines that will help develop a sincere faith.  James MacDonald shared life and church experiences to reinforce the principles that he presented for the duration of the book.  The seven chapters cover the following disciplines: Personal Bible study and prayer, fasting, fellowship, service, and worship.  Each chapter presented a clear case why believers need to poses these disciplines, but also provided ideas to engage each one. Personally I would have liked to see a few more experiences of people that can attest to the practiced disciplines.  Real life stories help authenticate validity in the mind and hearts of others.

Application:  Authentic is full of life change possibilities if applied.  I was challenged in many areas that need additional surrender to the Lord.  It can’t be dismissed that what James MacDonald covers is a much needed book for our times.  When the world is looking for authentic expression of the Christian faith, believers should ooze theses disciplines addressed in this book.

 For me this book gets four and half stars out of five

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.


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