Crash the Chatterbox – Steven Furtick

424563Crash the Cratterbox by Steven Furtick is a book about hearing God’s voice above all others.  Steven Furtick has addressed a topic in this book that seriously cripples most of us. Everybody has something to say about us and so does the enemy of our souls.   Over the courses of thirteen chapters Furtick unpacks this chatterbox and develops a Biblical strategy for overcoming the chatter of life.    His writing style connects you to him and the subject of his book naturally. I really appreciated that he himself struggles with the chatter of life just like the rest of us.  His experience and discovered resolve added a personal touch to the book. He is not writing the book as an expert that is above the problem but in the throes of it.

On a personal note, this book has impacted my life at a time when it was needed the most. I got a slow start to the book and had to put it aside for a while.  When I came back to it the text and truths poured off the pages of the book and into my life through the power of the Holy Spirit.   The chatterbox in my life has been huge, in fact it has been debilitating in all areas of my life.   God has used this book to break through the chatterbox and has given me the “tools” to win the battle. The war still rages but its impact on my life is now in its proper place.  Under the blood and victory of Jesus.

 I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars, not only for its content but the way Steven Furtick has written it. Very well done!

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