Greater – Steven Furtick

downloadGreater by Steven Furtick is a book that will change your life if you just absorb and implement the biblical based guidance he delivers in this volume.  Steven Furtick’s writing style draws you into the word of the Lord, as well as his own personal experiences and the experiences of others.  He engages in such a way that will prompt you to practice the simple but profound principles he lays. A GREATER life fueled by the power of Jesus Christ in and through you to launch you into a life purposed by the Lord for you.

This is the second book I have read by Steven Furtick, and I could not put this book down.  I was able to read it in a matter of days. Not that I am a fast reader, but I was engaged by the power of the Holy Spirit, mainly because the reading of this book could not come at a better time in my life and ministry as a pastor.  It was a God send!  If you will allow God to ignite his vision within you, pursue it, live it, breathe it, you will not be the same.

“Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.”


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